Piano Syllabus (2018-2020)

Our flexible graded exams encourage pianists to play to their strengths. Our new Piano syllabus is valid from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2020, and features:

  • New performance pieces at all levels, encompassing a wide range of musical styles
  • New technical work exercises at all levels, covering key areas of techniquDuets may now be selected from Initial to Grade 3
  • Pieces are only divided into groups at Grades 6-8; in the other grades, pieces can be chosen freely from the list
  • Revised own composition, aural and improvisation requirements

Learners can progress in their own musical style by choosing from lists of pieces carefully selected by our piano experts, including specially commissioned pieces by contemporary composers. Candidates from Initial to Grade 3 can also perform duets with their teacher or another player.

Our performance-grounded technical work and supporting tests are specifically designed to develop learners’ skills through the music they play.

Learners are assessed through an externally regulated and internationally recognised exam system with a 140-year heritage you can trust, and with UCAS points available for Grades 6–8.

Download the Piano syllabus (2018-2020) for full information about our graded piano exams.

Supporting publications

Piano book fan - border JF-1We offer a range of piano books to support teachers and learners in preparing for a piano exam. To see our range of piano publications, visit: shop.trinitycollege.com

Download the Piano syllabus (2018-2020)