Age: 5-7

Language level: Beginner

School level: Primary

Noise level: Medium: conversation, game and performance

Movement level: some movement

How to use these resources

These activities are for young people who are learning English and their families. These activities will help them to practice vocabulary about colours.

Open the activities and use them to practice speaking and performing in English. There are suggestions for further practice and conversation.

This unit requires some support from an adult or older sibling; some activities (marked with an ‘I’) can be done independently.

Colours in nature (I) 

Watch this presentation to about colours in nature. Listen and practice saying the words.

Online resources: Colours in nature presentation

Colours dice (I)

Roll the dice and say the colour. Can you also name the objects and animals?

Online resources: Colour dice

Colours where you live (I)

Find these colours in your home or garden and make sentences. Here are some examples:

Red: tomatoes ‘Tomatoes are red.’
Yellow: the sun ‘The sun is yellow.’
Blue: the sky ‘The sky is blue.’
Orange: carrots ‘Carrots are orange.’
Green: grass ‘Grass is green.’
Brown: soil ‘Soil is brown.’
• Black: the night ‘The night is black.’
White: clouds ‘Clouds are white.’
Purple: plums ‘Plums are purple.
Pink: roses, cherry blossom ‘Roses are pink.’


Colouring activity (I)

Now colour the fruit and vegetables using the colours you have learned.

If you don’t have a printer you can draw your own!

Online resources: Colours in nature colouring page

Colour race

One person chooses a colour.

The others find an object of that colour and make a sentence.

The first person to make a correct sentence gets 1 point. The first person to 5 points wins!

Speaking practice

Have a conversation: Which is your favourite colour? Why?

Do some colours make you feel happy? Which colours?

Do some colours make you feel sad? Which colours?


Colour mime

Write all the natural items you found on pieces of paper.

Fold them and put them in a bowl or hat.

Each person takes a piece of paper out of the bowl or hat and mimes the object.

The first person to guess the object wins!



Use the song below to prepare a performance.

You can dance, use actions or use the objects you found.

Perform for your family or make a video of your performance!

Sing or chant:

Blue, blue the sky is blue. The sky is blue, the sky is blue.

Red, red, strawberries are red. Strawberries are red, strawberries are red. Yellow, yellow, the sun is yellow. The sun is yellow, the sun is yellow.

Green, green, grass is green. Grass is green, grass is green.

Orange, orange, oranges are orange. Oranges are orange, oranges are orange. Pink, pink, roses are pink. Roses are pink, roses are pink.

Brown, brown, trees are brown. Trees are brown, trees are brown.

Purple, purple, grapes are purple. Grapes are purple, grapes are purple.

White, white, snow is white. Snow is white, snow is white.

Black, black, the night is black. The night is black, the night is black.

Project idea (I)

Do a ‘colour hunt’ around your house or garden and collect as many things as you can of one colour. Put them on a table, write their names and the colour and take a photo of it.

Then repeat for other colours.

colour table 2