Age: 5-7

Language level: Beginner

School level: Primary

Noise level: Quiet: Conversation

Movement level: some movement

How to use these resources

These activities are for young people who are learning English and their families. These activities will help them to practice vocabulary about weather.

Open the activities and use them to practice speaking and performing in English. There are suggestions for further practise and conversation.

This unit requires some support from an adult or older sibling; some activities (marked with an ‘I’) can be done independently.

Types of weather (I) 

Watch this presentation about different types of weather. Listen and repeat the words.

Online resources: Weather presentation

Weather dice (I)

Roll the dice and say the type of weather, then listen to the answer.

Online resources: Weather dice


Weather characters (I)

Put on some yellow clothes, if you have them, or hold a piece of yellow paper.

Speak like the sun and say, ‘I am the sun.’

Move like you think the sun moves – does it dance or jump?

Now do the same with other types of weather!


Weather mime

Write all the types of weather on pieces of paper.

Fold them and put them in a bowl or hat.

Each person takes a piece of paper out of the bowl or hat and mimes being in that weather.

The first person to guess the type of weather wins!

Speaking practice

Have a conversation: What’s the weather like today? Example: ‘It’s sunny.’

What type of weather do you like? Example: ‘I like stormy weather.’

Weather project (I)

Keep a diary for a week. For each page, write the day and then draw the weather for that day. Describe the weather, was it hot or cold? How did the weather make you feel today, did it make you feel happy or maybe sleepy? Write one thing you did today.