Without your teacher, you may not be used to tuning your drums and want some additional support. Although drum kits are unpitched, the kit still needs elements of tuning to get the sound you need. Different styles often need slightly different drum tuning. In this video Kate Wilkinson shows you how to set up and tune your drum kit at home and perhaps you’ll get some tips to tune your drums like the professionals!



Kate is a super charged rock drummer and educator.  She has been drumming and performing for 20 years and has over 7 years live touring experience.
Having worked over the years for many different drum tuition services and music colleges, Kate now runs her own successful all ages drum teaching business called 'make me a drummer!'.  She is passionate about passing on good technique whilst keeping learning fun!  Playing wise, Kate currently drums for Electro rock singer Tara Rez (The Duel) and singer/songwriter Erika.
Filmed at Safehouse | Peckham