Songwriting — Writer’s Room

Writer’s Room Workshop with Jamie Sellers

Jamie Sellers came down to MusicStation to run a workshop focusing on the singer-songwriters in the Acoustic Guitar Syllabus. The pupils were set a brief and worked together to write a song using those influences.


Jamie Sellers is a British songwriter and record producer based in Essex/London. In a career spanning just 8 years Jamie has accumulated three UK Top 40 Singles, two UK Top 40 albums, a platinum selling Number 1 album in Japan, Top 5 Selling album in Spain, Top 10 singles in Belgium, Sweden and France, a Top 20 Billboard US Dance Chart single and most recently produced a top 10 UK country album with Megan McKenna


Filmed at MusicStation | Tonbridge Wells
Participants: Viktoria Turtle | James Reeve | Isaac Banham | Daniel Turtle