Free trumpet sample booklet

The refreshed repertoire lists of our Brass Syllabus 2019-2022 reflect a wide range of genres and styles - from orchestral to jazz to brass band - to allow teachers and learners to explore the many directions that brass players can take with their music-making.

“The range of repertoire that we have on the Trinity syllabus, helps teachers create a bespoke product for their own student. So they can look at the repertoire, and they can say this student needs this and this, and this other student would prefer this”, explains Mark Eager, the lead brass syllabus consultant.

To support the 2019-2022 syllabus we have published, for the first time, exam repertoire books for trumpet, cornet & flugelhorn (Initial to Grade 8) to bring together a range of these pieces in one place. The books are available to buy in our online shop.

What’s more, the technical work and supporting tests in our brass exams have been designed to develop the brass skills that are specific to the learner’s instrument. A combination of unique lip flexibility and performance-led exercises, along with orchestral and brass band extracts, develop essential and authentic brass skills and techniques progressively through the grades.

To give you a taster of some of these exercises and pieces, we’re bringing you our Trumpet Sample Booklet; download it to get free samples of a selection of pieces and exercises, covering a range of grades, styles, and techniques.

Download your free Trumpet Sample Booklet