Classical Guitar 2020–2023 student performance: Grade 4

Grade 4

On Joe’s Deck /  Dyens



Brody (age 11) performs On Joe’s Deck by Roland Dyens, which is included on Trinity’s Classical Guitar 2020–2023 syllabus (as an alternative piece) at Grade 4.

The performance was fluent and the notes were secure throughout. The rhythmic character was largely achieved despite a slight timing lapse just before the return of the main theme and also briefly in the final phrase. The tone was strong with only occasional inconsistencies, and the sustained character was mostly present. Rather heavy to convey ‘tranquillo’ and there were a number of dynamic and tempo details omitted.

Fluency & Accuracy 6/7
Technical Facility 6/7
Communication & Interpretation 5/8

Total: 17/22 (Merit)

For information on Trinity’s assessment criteria, please refer to the classical guitar syllabus.

Filmed at Bootham School, York, August 2019.