Classical Guitar 2020–2023 showcase: Initial–Grade 5 (Duets)

Jens Franke and Jørgen Skogmo perform a selection of duets from Initial–Grade 5 of Trinity’s Classical Guitar Syllabus.

Initial — The Bells of Dawn



Initial — Ojos azules



Grade 1 — Waltz in G



Grade 2 — A rosa vermelha



Grade 3 — The Coasts of High Barbary


Download the sheet music for this duet in Trinity’s Classical Guitar Sample Booklet.

Grade 4 — La Caridad



Grade 5 — El pañuelo de Pepa 


Inspiring repertoire is at the heart of Trinitys new syllabus, which features works from the Renaissance to the present day and has been created in consultation with leading classical guitar specialists. It includes more repertoire by female composers, and expands the alternative piece lists to include options from Trinity's own Raise the Bar and pieces published for the first time in the Trinity Performance Edition series.

At Initial–Grade 5, repertoire can now be chosen from a single list, allowing full flexibility of choice, and the popular Duet option has now been extended all the way up to Grade 5.

At all grades, candidates may perform their own composition as an alternative to one of their three pieces, using the suggested features given in the syllabus.