Electronic Keyboard & Organ Syllabus (from 2019)

Our Electronic Keyboard & Organ syllabus offers the choice and flexibility to allow candidates to play to their strengths, enabling them to gain recognition for their own unique skills as performers. Our Electronic Keyboard syllabus is valid from 1 January 2019 and features:

  • New performance repertoire at all grades covers a wide range of styles including popular classics, show tunes, film themes, jazz, folk and world music
  • Restructured technical work — all candidates (excluding Initial candidates) perform a newly-added keyboard exercise, which helps to develop a range of skills from awareness of chords and chord progressions to arpeggio playing and agility, with all candidates then choosing either revised scales & chord knowledge or brand new technical exercises
  • A new sequencing exercise option at Grades 6–8 provides an opportunity to explore the technological features of the instrument
  • New graded exam books for Initial to Grade 8 feature eight to ten specially arranged pieces and original compositions, full technical work requirements for the grade and accompanying audio downloads
  • A new publication — Sound at Sight: Grades 6–8 — provides support with sight reading at higher grades
  • A refreshed syllabus format makes the requirements for each grade easy to understand for teachers and learners

Build the specific skills used by keyboardists, including playing with a range of instrument voices in time with accompaniment patterns, and developing an understanding of common scales, modes and chord progressions. Explore the technical possibilities of your instrument, and develop skills that are also relevant for learning piano and Rock & Pop keyboards.

Discover pieces across a variety of styles and genres - including popular classics, show tunes, film themes, jazz, folk and world music - and develop your technique through performing a wide range of music.

Use a syllabus and supporting books created in consultation with electronic keyboard specialists, and access digital support resources specific to your electronic keyboard learning.

Download the Electronic Keyboard & Organ Syllabus (from 2019) for full information.

Supporting publications

We offer a range of books to support teachers and learners in preparing for an electronic keyboard exam. To see our range of publications, visit: trinitycollege.com/buy-music-books

Download the Electronic Keyboard & Organ Syllabus (from 2019)