Resources for percussion

Discover a range of resources to support Trinity’s new Drum Kit & Percussion Syllabus

Meet the musician — Victoria Alvarez

Victoria Alvarez performs repertoire from Trinity’s Percussion Syllabus (Tuned Percussion) at Grades 5 and 6, and speaks . . .
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Introducing Percussion: Performances by pupils at St Faith's School, Cambridge

Watch performances of Ignition, Blast Off! and Destination Reached from Introducing Percussion, which feature at Initial . . .
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Timpani 2020–2023 showcase: Lalo  Davila — Hop On, Hop Off

Watch a performance of Lalo Davila – Hop On, Hop Off from Trinity’s Orchestral Percussion Syllabus (Timpani) at Grade 6, . . .
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Technical Work: Snare Drum, Timpani and Tuned Percussion

Technical work for Snare Drum, Timpani and Tuned Percussion, including the new Initial grade.
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Studies: Tuned Percussion, Snare Drum and Timpani

Download the new studies for Initial grade In tuned percussion, snare drum and timpani.
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