Exploring Trinity's Strings Syllabus 2020–2023: Viola Initial—Grade 3

Exploring Trinity's Strings Syllabus 2020—2023 repertoire: Viola Initial — Grade 3

Watch performance tips and guidance on the following selection of pieces from Trinity's viola syllabus at Initial to Grade 3 Viola syllabus, with Zami Jalil  accompanied on piano by Horacio López Redondo.


Lumsden & Wedgwood: Jungle footprints from Jackaroo

Grade 1

Terzibaschitsch: Marsch der Gänse (March of the Geese) from Violaträume (Viola Dreams)

Grade 2

Rae: The Guv’nor from Play it Cool — Viola

Grade 3

Trad, arr. Huws Jones: The Silver Leaves of the Poplar Tree and The Four Corners of my Handkerchief from The Fiddler Playalong Viola Collection