Free piano sample booklet

Our Piano Syllabus 2018-2020 features a wide range of repertoire covering a variety of musical styles, all carefully chosen and graded by our panel of piano experts.

“Our pieces are selected for teachers to make choices with, in line with the depth and breadth of musical learning they deliver, their own musical experience and knowledge, and their personal values as musicians and educators” explains piano syllabus consultant and lead senior examiner Peter Wild.

He goes on to say that “the new syllabus covers a vast array of musical styles. Rather than narrow choice by genre we leave the choices to teachers and pupils so they can personalise the experience to make it relevant and engaging for them. We chose music that learners enjoy playing and can play with confidence so that a music exam becomes a fulfilling experience and embeds a love of performing beyond the exam room.

“In addition, we select pieces that are both as accessible as possible, as well as non age-specific as we would like to enable learners to embark on their musical journey at any time in their lives.

“We are not afraid to choose from the widest range of recognised repertoire, as well as opening up new music to teachers and to learners. We rely on teachers bringing in other pieces that supplement and reinforce key learning using their expertise and knowledge”.

Get a taster of some of the pieces in the 2018-2020 syllabus – including specially commissioned pieces by contemporary composers Kay Charlton and Robert Ramskill - by downloading our free sample booklet.

Download your free piano sample booklet