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Best Practice for Integrating Technology to Teach Phonemic Awareness

Svetlana Gritsenko presented on 'Best Practice for Integrating Technology to Teach Phonemic Awareness' at the 7th online Future of English Language Teaching Conference.

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In this workshop, we will be exploring the role of online interactive whiteboards called Miro board. It provides many interactive features, which ESL teachers can implement in their classes on a regular basis both online and offline. The aim of this workshop is to share some of those practices with you. Focusing on areas such as stretched blending, isolating the first sound, phonemic segmentation and alphabetic principle, we will take a look at some specific activities and different ways in which this tool might contribute more effectively in the ESL classroom. By the end of this session, participants will be able to integrate Miroboard and also I will share many other online resources (Nearpod Library, Letter land, Kizclub, Reading eggs, Teach your monster read) to develop an awareness of the alphabetic principle.


What is Miro Board?

Thanks to the widespread change from traditional learning to distance learning a huge number of web platforms have appeared. Miro is one of them and it became one of the most popular online collaborative whiteboard platforms.


About the presenter

Svetlana was born in Moscow. After graduating from the Moscow State Pedagogical University with the degree in English Philology she immersed herself into the world of teaching English as a foreign language. For over 5 years, Svetlana taught kids and teenagers at the private academy called English First, where she found how innovative use of classroom technologies could aid second language acquisition. She is interested in rethinking learning and finding the ways of effectively integrating ICT in EFL classrooms. In 2020 Svetlana was awarded a first prize in the John McDowell Awards for her Final Master Thesis.





Topics: Technology and Innovation, The Future of English Language Teaching Conference, FOELT 2022


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