English Language Webinars

Trinity organises events and various webinar series throughout the year. Most Trinity-organised events are free, but may require advance registration.

Using songs to build awareness of global citizenship issues

This session explored how songs focusing on global citizenship issues (including social, political, environmental &...

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Active Reading with Authentic Materials

This session looked at using a variety of authentic materials in the ESOL classroom and how they can be used to...

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Fun Phonology for Young Minds

This webinar was designed to support teachers working with young learners. The presenter explored techniques,...

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Discover Trinity's Teaching English Qualifications

This webinar was aimed at individuals who are considering a career in teaching English or those looking to improve...

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Immersive Language Learning with Virtual Reality

In this webinar, we explored immersive language learning through the use of virtual reality (VR) technology.




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Discover Trinity ESOL

Suitable for Heads of Department, Exam Coordinators, and ESOL Practitioners new to Trinity

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What can neuroscience offer to educators?

In this Transformative Teachers webinar, the presenter offered insightful ideas to help teachers boost students’ focus...

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Discover Trinity's Integrated Skills in English exam (ISE)

This short introductory webinar was designed for teachers and administrators who are new to Trinity exams, or those who...

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Discover Trinity's Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE)

This short introductory webinar was designed for teachers and administrators who are new to Trinity exams, or those...

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Developing Critical Thinking in the ELT Classroom

This webinar explored how classroom resources and activities can be adapted and extended to foster critical thinking...

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Guiding Gifted Children to Maximise their Potential in the ELT Classroom

This webinar was designed to help teachers work more effectively with gifted learners in the ELT classroom. The...

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Setting the Standard for University Admission and Beyond

Central to the success of many language schools and foundation programmes are the courses that are centred on exam...

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Teaching English as a Foreign Language Through Scientific Information Books for Children and Young Adults

Greta Antonioni explored 'Teaching English as a Foreign Language Through Scientific Information Books for Children and...

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What's new at Trinity?

Alison Castle Kane provided an overview on 'What's new at Trinity?' at the 7th online Future of English Language...

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Digital Storytelling: enhancing motivation, autonomy and engagement
Wed 29 March, 4:00PM (UK time)
This webinar will explore how teachers can use digital storytelling to enhance student outcomes.
Introducing Trinity's Communication Skills exam
Thu 30 March, 4:00PM (UK time)
We'll provide an overview of Trinity's Communication Skills exams, and explore how these can support different areas of the curriculum, and specific programmes.
Integrating AI into Language Teaching and Learning
Wed 19 April, 4:00PM (UK time)
This webinar will explore how teachers and students can make the best use of AI tools to enhance student outcomes – and how to avoid new pitfalls that AI is creating.
Building sustainability into ELT – are we doing enough?
Wed 21 June, 4:00PM (UK time)
The negative environmental impact of the global ELT community and the opportunities we have in climate change education have been moving up our agenda in recent years. But are the many initiatives that we are putting into place enough to make any real difference? This webinar will look at some of the issues.

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