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Developing Linguistic Confidence Through International Student-led Networks

This session by Ekaterina Bozdogan took place at the online Future of English Language Teaching Conference (FOELT), organised by Trinity College London and Regent’s University London. You can learn more about the annual event at trinitycollege.com/FOELT.


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The fact that students acquire linguistic skills of effective communication best through collaborating with their peers is undeniable. However, many teachers underestimate the value of international collaboration considering it a time-consuming workload and potential disbenefit for language learners with immediate goals. This study focuses on how international networks in post-pandemic 2020-2023 developed students’ linguistic confidence and digital competencies in line with SDG#3, SDG#4, and SDG#17.


The Community

Our school has been implementing international collaborations through student-led networks such as iEARN, GlobalCoLab, and TakeItglobal. Students form teams in which each member has a real task – a writer, a vlogger, a photographer, a communicator, a project developer, etc. These tasks rotate regularly so that every student can master his skills. All learners meet at project-based hubs to realize their potential as global citizens by sharing their solutions at national, local, international, and global levels. Students offer solutions to real-life problems using a foreign language as a tool for effective communication. Since students make collaborative decisions, the application of project-based activities is flexible concerning national and global agendas.

The role of a teacher comprises the attributes of a language mentor who is well-equipped with ESD methodology and promotes sustainable learning in alliance with SDGs.


The Benefits

The two-year collection of ‘GOLD’ (Global Ownership of Learning and Development), an international online kids magazine, reflects ‘The head, the hands, and the heart’ approach, meeting students’ academic and socio-emotional needs of self-development; international cross-curricular collaborations include students-generated surveys, presentations, video interviews, digital exhibitions, and podcasts.

Collaborative learning serves every learner’s goals in that s/he realizes the requisite for linguistic literacy, accuracy, and digital competence. Students feel emotionally attached to their progress throughout the creative process, thus becoming more confident users of a foreign language.


About the presenter

The presenter, Ekaterina Bozdogan is an EFL Teacher and Project Coordinator in Ari Private Schools, located in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. She has been running international projects and collaborations through global student-led networks which reflect the philosophy of global citizenship and promote SDGs and ESD at local, national, international and global levels.




Topics: Technology and Innovation, The Future of English Language Teaching Conference, FOELT 2023


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