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Trinity organises events and various webinar series throughout the year. Most Trinity-organised events are free, but may require advance registration.

Technology and Innovation

Immersive Language Learning with Virtual Reality

In this webinar, we explored immersive language learning through the use of virtual reality (VR) technology.




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What the Metaverse Means for Language Learning and How You Can Prepare for It

Nergiz Kern presented on 'What the Metaverse Means for Language Learning and How You Can Prepare for It' at the 7th...

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Integrated Homework: A More Personal Way to Empower Learning Outside the Classroom

Magdalena Jurado González presented on 'Integrated Homework: A More Personal Way to Empower Learning Outside the...

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Implementing a Video Self-Reflection Course for Online Teachers

Dr David Bish presented on 'Implementing a Video Self-Reflection Course for Online Teachers' at the 7th online Future...

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Best Practice for Integrating Technology to Teach Phonemic Awareness

Svetlana Gritsenko presented on 'Best Practice for Integrating Technology to Teach Phonemic Awareness' at the 7th...

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Adventures in Whatsapp

Anna Young, Kristina Smith and Abdoulaye Konate explored 'Adventures in Whatsapp' at the 7th online Future of English...

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Creativity and Sustainable Development Goals

This session looked at how a creative approach to language teaching can support the development of student awareness...

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Implementing digital cultural heritage in teaching, Ivana Štiglec

Ivana Štiglec, Teacher and Teacher Ambassador for Croatia and coordinator of the Croatian teacher user group presented...

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The Online English Café: Expanding opportunities for refugee learners through free online resources

Jane Mandalios and Susan Stetson-Tiligadas from Greece presented on 'The Online English Café: Expanding opportunities...

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Avoiding an overload: (Re)discovering the Cognitive Load Theory in ELT, Diana Bauducco

Diana Bauducco of Oxford International Education Group presented on 'Avoiding an overload: (Re)discovering the...

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Enriching language development at all levels with inclusive, global resources, Adam Scott

Adam Scott, ELT Specialist of Sensations English presented on 'Enriching language development at all levels with...

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Technology & Innovation - Digital tools to awaken motivation

Martin Oetegenn and Florencia Mazzocchi explore how digital tools can be used to improve learning and awaken motivation...

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Technology and Innovation - Feedback techniques

Martin Oetegenn and Anna Britton explore how formative feedback techniques can enhance the impact of feedback. 

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Technology and Innovation - Drama, Language and Communication Skills

Rachael Clarke and John Gardyne explore an innovative project, which merges drama, language and communications skills.

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Digital Storytelling: enhancing motivation, autonomy and engagement
Wed 29 March, 4:00PM (UK time)
This webinar will explore how teachers can use digital storytelling to enhance student outcomes.
Introducing Trinity's Communication Skills exam
Thu 30 March, 4:00PM (UK time)
We'll provide an overview of Trinity's Communication Skills exams, and explore how these can support different areas of the curriculum, and specific programmes.
Integrating AI into Language Teaching and Learning
Wed 19 April, 4:00PM (UK time)
This webinar will explore how teachers and students can make the best use of AI tools to enhance student outcomes – and how to avoid new pitfalls that AI is creating.
Building sustainability into ELT – are we doing enough?
Wed 21 June, 4:00PM (UK time)
The negative environmental impact of the global ELT community and the opportunities we have in climate change education have been moving up our agenda in recent years. But are the many initiatives that we are putting into place enough to make any real difference? This webinar will look at some of the issues.

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