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Programme Planning for 2024 (English language)

This webinar was designed to support staff in English language schools who play an integral part in programme and product development, and who are currently planning for 2024.


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Incorporating a Trinity assessment can add significant value to your programme, and help you stand out in a highly competitive landscape. Trinity exams are unique in their approach with a strong emphasis on developing communicative competence, and authentic, real-life use of language.

In this session, we introduced participants to several of our key qualifications including:


Trinity Stars: A performance and language group award for young learners



Communication Skills: A qualification designed to support the development of presentation and research skills - ideal for leadership, global citizenship and academic courses



GESE: A 2-skills speaking and listening exam, perfect for short-stay that easily fits to general, subject-specific or theme-based courses



The CertPT: An in-service level 6 qualification for teachers that develops specialist knowledge - suitable for local and overseas practitioners




We also outlined the support, training and wide range of resources available to all schools that work with Trinity which help create a dynamic language learning experience, and ensure students succeed in their exams.


Participants were given fresh ideas for new courses, an understanding of the value of incorporating a Trinity qualification into their programme to mark achievement, and were inspired to do something different in 2024.




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Enhancing ESOL Accessibility: Sharing Strategies to Support Language Learners
Wed 13 December, 4:00PM (UK time)
ESOL accessibility refers to the availability and ease of access to language programmes and services for non-native English speakers. Join us as we delve into ways to support and navigate the challenges of limited resources to empower language learners to become active and engaged members of their community.

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