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From Theory to Practice: Incorporating Intercultural Language Teaching in Your Classroom

This session by Cecilia Nobre took place at the online Future of English Language Teaching Conference (FOELT), organised by Trinity College London and Regent’s University London. You can learn more about the annual event at trinitycollege.com/FOELT.


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Intercultural language teaching is crucial in today's interconnected world, as students must possess the skills to navigate cultural differences and communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. This webinar will explore how to incorporate intercultural language teaching principles into student-centred lesson planning, utilising reflective practice through video lesson observations. We will examine the significance of authentic communication, emergent language, and learner agency in developing intercultural competence, drawing on the work of Scarino (2013), Liddicoat and McConachy (2022).


Reflective practices such as reflective journals, authentic video discussions, and pragmatic judgement tasks will be discussed to promote ownership of intercultural learning and critical thinking skills. Additionally, blogs or reflection journals will be explored as suggested by Jackson, Chan, and Sun (2022), to encourage learners to gain new insights and awareness of their attitudes and biases.


By utilising these strategies and activities, learners will become effective intercultural speakers capable of navigating cultural contexts with sensitivity and respect. Ultimately, this webinar will equip language teachers with tools and strategies to create immersive and comprehensive learning experiences that develop intercultural competence.


About the presenter

The presenter, Cecilia Nobre, is a PhD Student in Applied Linguistics at Warwick, a Hornby alumna, and an experienced teacher with 20 years of teaching experience in Brazil, Turkey, and the UK. She is also a DipTESOL and CertTESOL Trinity trainer and has been a teacher trainer for the past 5 years. Cecilia's research interests lie in the areas of teacher development, video reflection, and reflective practice. She has co-authored the book "Using Video to Support Teacher Reflection and Development in ELT" with Steve Mann and Laura Baecher, which will be published in 2023.



Topics: Teacher Education, The Future of English Language Teaching Conference, FOELT 2023


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