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Flourishing Teachers, Flourishing Schools

Mariana Hidalgo presented on 'Flourishing Teachers, Flourishing Schools' at the 7th online Future of English Language Teaching Conference.

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Promoting social and emotional learning and wellbeing at schools has become increasingly important in the education area since research has shown that wellbeing develops healthier positive attitudes.
Most studies in this area to date have focused on the learner due to the fact that students’ wellness positively influences their learning process and outcomes, enhances intrinsic motivation, decreases behavioural problems, increases academic achievement, improves school satisfaction, and leads to the flourishing of individuals and school communities.

Comparatively, little attention is paid to understanding teacher psychology and emotions and a considerable amount of the research exploring teacher wellbeing so far has put the spotlight on teachers’ ability to cope with stress and reduce burnout rather than how to develop wellbeing.

However, a growing body of research on positive psychology applied to education leads us to think that the future inclusion of educators wellbeing programmes in CPD will have positive effects on the broader school community since flourishing teachers will bring about flourishing schools.

Based on wellbeing frameworks from positive education, our own research and follow-up studies, and educational leadership theories we explore how English language teachers and leaders perceive teacher emotional intelligence, happiness, and wellbeing and how those perceptions influence their staff and, consequently, their learners.

This presentation aims to provide an understanding of some central aspects of positive education and both leader and teacher wellbeing along with strategies that teachers and headteachers may use to support the wellbeing of teachers in their schools and promote high levels of thriving and flourishing in educational institutions.


About the presenter

Mariana Hidalgo is an English translator, English teacher, Educational Specialist for Teens and Adults, and holds an MA degree in Applied Linguistics. She has worked as an English teacher at all levels in the public and private education for more than 20 years. At present, she is an academic consultant for important educational institutions leading research and innovation projects, a teacher trainer, a lecturer at different conferences in Argentina, Cyprus, Spain, Mexico, and Pakistan, and has published articles on the social and emotional dimensions of language learning. She is the director and founder of English language centres in Argentina.




Topics: Teacher Education, The Future of English Language Teaching Conference, FOELT 2022


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