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Trinity organises events and various webinar series throughout the year. Most Trinity-organised events are free, but may require advance registration.

Introducing Trinity Stars

The Trinity Stars: Young Performers in English Award is designed to encourage the teaching and learning of the English language through drama, music, and performance. It provides an engaging, structured teaching and learning framework for young learners aged 12 and under on short-stay or closed group English programmes in the UK and Ireland.

In this short webinar, the presenter introduced participants to Trinity Stars, explained how it works and gave a detailed overview of the structure of the various award stages. Participants were also provided with information on how to prepare learners for the award, and the resources and support available for teachers.

This informational session was suitable for Principals, School Owners, Sales and Business Development Staff, and Academic Managers. Information about how to register to run Trinity Stars at schools in the UK and Ireland, and the costs involved, was provided.






Topics: Assessment, Trinity Stars


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