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Am I Good Enough?

What does it mean to be a good teacher? This session looked at both the challenges and advantages of teaching as a non-native speaker of English.



In this webinar, the presenters discussed some of the ideas around what it means to be a ‘good teacher’ through the eyes of someone whose first language is not English. They looked at what it’s like to be a non-native speaker teacher working both at home and abroad and discussed what specific challenges teachers face as well as the distinct skills and experience that both native and non-native teachers bring to the English language classroom. By exploring these, the presenters explored how teachers can appreciate their own individual strengths, reflect on what students actually need in the international world of the 21st century, and better understand how they can meet these needs.


About the presenter

Paula Medina has worked in ELT for over 25 years. She has a passion for teaching English and culture and has worked as a teacher and teacher trainer in both Brazil and England. Paula holds an MA in English Literature from the University of Sussex, and a DELTA. She currently works as a freelancer on teaching and teacher training projects in a variety of countries.





About the Transformative Teachers Webinar Series

The Transformative Teachers webinar series is aimed at English language teaching professionals who would like to participate in regular development opportunities.

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Guiding Gifted Children to Maximise their Potential in the ELT Classroom
Wed 20 July, 4:00PM (UK time)
This webinar is designed to help teachers work more effectively with gifted learners in the ELT classroom. It will provide useful tips to help teachers identify giftedness in young learners, and strategies for successful inclusion.
Developing Critical Thinking in the ELT Classroom
Wed 21 September, 4:00PM
This webinar will explore how classroom resources and activities can be adapted and extended to foster critical thinking skills in our students, enabling them to use English in a more meaningful way.
What can neuroscience offer to educators?
Wed 19 October, 4:00PM (UK time)
Understanding how the brain works can transform how we teach. This webinar will offer insightful ideas to help teachers boost students’ focus and alertness and improve memory.

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