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Autonomous CPD in Difficult Times

This session explored the professional development opportunities available for those who are looking for more autonomous routes to develop as a teacher and who want to shape their own career pathways.



While the language education landscape is undergoing significant changes, teachers' opportunities for professional development are limited by the precarious nature of the profession. The situation was accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic; yet, along with major challenges came major opportunities for professional advancement. This talk explored the possibilities for autonomous continuous professional development, addressing primarily early career teachers. By examining available CPD opportunities and reflecting on their desired career paths, delegates were provided with a clear framework based on which they will be able to design their own CPD path.


About the presenter

Tom Garside is the founder of Language Point Teacher Education Ltd., a teacher training organisation that works with teachers of all nationalities in different educational settings to improve what they do in their own classrooms. He consults on teacher education and assessment literacy with Trinity College London, and directs courses leading to the Level 5 Trinity CertTESOL and the Level 6 Trinity Certificate for Practising Teachers, a new teacher development qualification, both of which are delivered entirely online to teachers anywhere in the world.





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Topics: Transformative Teachers, Teacher Education


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