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Developing Critical Thinking in the ELT Classroom

This webinar explored how classroom resources and activities can be adapted and extended to foster critical thinking skills in our students in the English language classroom, enabling them to use English in a more meaningful way.

During the webinar, the presenter explored:

  • Intro
  • What is critical thinking?
  • Why is it important and why teach it?
  • Resources & activities
  • Teaching tips



Critical thinking is a key 21st-century skill, much needed for university study, the world of work, and for navigating the world around us. The language classroom is an ideal setting for the exploration and development of such a skill. In this webinar, we explored how classroom resources and activities can be adapted and extended in order to foster critical thinking skills in our students, enabling them to use English in a more meaningful way and develop their second language competencies. Through this process, teachers may even find that they further develop their own critical thinking.


About the presenter

Kera Gustafson has worked in ELT for over 20 years. She is passionate about developing 21st skills in the language classroom and challenging both teenage and adult learners to think outside the box. Kera has worked as a teacher and teacher trainer in both Italy and the UK, and holds a DELTA and MA TESOL. She is Vice Principal at Elac Study Vacations and is a Trinity College London examiner.




About the Transformative Teachers Webinar Series

The Transformative Teachers webinar series is aimed at English language teaching professionals who would like to participate in regular development opportunities.

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