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Fun Phonology for Young Minds

This webinar was designed to support teachers working with young learners. The presenter explored techniques, strategies, and resources for developing phonological awareness in children, and provide practical examples of classroom activities including games, chants, rhymes, and songs.



Phonology is one of the more neglected areas of language teaching although it is fundamental to spoken communication. Childhood is a key period for assimilating a whole host of phonological features since young learners are especially receptive to unfamiliar sounds. The ability to form sounds is also linked to skills such as listening – if you can say it, you can hear it. This webinar explored techniques, strategies, and resources for developing phonological awareness in children. These will include games, communicative activities, chants, rhymes, and songs.


About the presenter

Lola Garay is a teacher, a teacher trainer and a specialist in SLA, SLDs and CLIL. She has been in education for over 20 years. She has managed academic programs, published classroom material and created and delivered teaching development programs, conferences and workshops for educators in mainstream education and language teaching in Spain, Portugal, and the UK. She works in public education, and is also involved in research and educational consultancy for various public and private schools across the country.




About the Transformative Teachers Webinar Series

The Transformative Teachers webinar series is aimed at English language teaching professionals who would like to participate in regular development opportunities.

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Topics: Young Learners, Transformative Teachers


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