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Grassroots Teaching and Learning

Let’s get back to grassroots. This practical webinar explored some useful, everyday activities for the classroom that get students to draw on their own ideas, experiences and interests.



The past two years have seen teachers needing to get to grips with a whole host of new technologies and skills, making them even busier than before. This webinar offers an opportunity to minimise preparation time and to get back to grassroots teaching.

In this webinar, we looked at how teachers can provide their students with communication and language practice through setting up basic scenarios that can run for a whole lesson. The presenter explored a variety of examples and provided some information on the principles behind them.

This type of lesson can be used for any level and any kind of language focus or function. Because of the simple set-up, it can work as well online as in the classroom. It is quick and easy for the teacher as it doesn’t require any materials, and it is engaging and meaningful for the students as they can draw on their own ideas, experiences and interests. It fosters collaboration and gives students extended speaking or writing practice.


About the presenter

Lucy Muirhead comes from a family of teachers, so it was no surprise when she became a teacher herself in 2003. She worked in Italy for several years, teaching young children, teenagers and adults, and then returned to the UK to do a Masters in ELT at Sussex University. Since then, she has taught various courses at Sussex and has worked in language schools, teaching students from all over the world. She joined Trinity in 2012 and has travelled to numerous countries to examine and deliver training workshops. Lucy believes the key elements to successful learning are centred around confidence, personalisation, recognising achievements and of course, enjoying the process.





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Topics: Transformative Teachers, Teacher Education


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