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Learning Outside the Classroom

This session looked at learning beyond the traditional classroom and how teachers can make online interactions more meaningful, whilst supporting the development of skills students need for the 21st century.



This webinar explored how technology has made it possible for teaching and learning to continue beyond the traditional classroom walls and how online interactions play an important role in language classes now that the ‘digital genie’ is out of the bottle. We discussed various ways of integrating technology into the teaching and learning process through practical activities that enhance learner engagement and make online interactions more meaningful. We also considered how technology can develop learners’ communicative and critical thinking skills while providing them with the skills they need for tomorrow’s world.


About the presenter

Anna Bennett is an experienced teacher and teacher trainer, working in both the state and private sector in Italy and the UK for over 25 years. She is currently Head of Product Support (English Language) for Trinity College London, Italy. Her main interests are integrating technology into language teaching to enhance learning outcomes, and communicative assessment.







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Topics: Transformative Teachers, Teaching online


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