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What can neuroscience offer to educators?

In this Transformative Teachers webinar, the presenter offered insightful ideas to help teachers boost students’ focus and alertness and improve memory.



Developments in the field of neuroscience and an understanding of how the brain operates can be used to transform how we teach and promote more effective learning in these challenging times. Understanding what motivates children to learn, and how to best to overcome disadvantages early on, can have a huge impact on learning success later on.

This webinar was designed for educators who are interested in enhancing their daily lesson plans using simple techniques and tools to boost students’ motivation, to help them maintain focus and alertness and to improve both long-term and working memory. The speaker provided insightful ideas to help teachers create safe spaces where personal, social and emotional development are all supported.


About the presenter

Emilia Pittelli is a Teacher of English and a graduate of IES en Lenguas Vivas Juan Ramon Fernández. She has worked in ELT for over 15 years, and is currently an Academic Consultant for Trinity College London Argentina & Chile. Emilia has a vast experience in training teachers throughout the region, and in preparing candidates to sit Trinity exams.




Download the presentation slides here.


About the Transformative Teachers Webinar Series

The Transformative Teachers webinar series is aimed at English language teaching professionals who would like to participate in regular development opportunities.

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