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Integration of L1 tests to promote L2 vocabulary retention, Thatha Molli

Thatha Molli (Research Scholar) of The English and Foreign Languages University in India presented on the 'Integration of L1 tests to promote L2 vocabulary retention' at the 6th annual Future of English Language Teaching Conference (FOELT) in June 2021.



Language learning commences with learning the basic components such as words and phrases and this is considered as the initial process in learning a new language. This is commonly applicable to both L1 and any subsequent language (L2) that one learns. Learners who have English as a second or foreign language face a lot of difficulty in comprehending any text of the target language due to a lack of adequate retention of L2 vocabulary. It is also very complex for the learners who study English as a subject to understand the meaning of most of the words of L2 (target language) and retain them. They feel less stimulated if they are not able to comprehend the words in the prescribed text. In order to enhance L2 vocabulary retention among the learners, the use of L1 texts plays a crucial role. In most countries English is taught just as a subject isolating it from the learners’ first language, by doing so we are depriving the learners of banking upon the vast knowledge repertoire of their L1. Most of the students learn L2 vocabulary with the help of their L1. In bilingual classrooms, the target language textbooks should make use of L1 texts. Teaching them by using L1 texts would best fit in promoting L2 vocabulary learning and retention. This paper tries to explore the integration of L1 texts into L2 language classrooms to promote L2 vocabulary retention using bilingual texts.

Keywords: L2 Vocabulary, Bilingual Texts, Target Language, English as a Subject


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Topics: English for Specific Purposes (ESP), The Future of English Language Teaching Conference, FoELT 2021


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