English Language Webinars

Trinity organises events and various webinar series throughout the year. Most Trinity-organised events are free, but may require advance registration.

Transformative Teachers

Developing Writing Fluency

In this webinar, we explored how to use effective writing frameworks in the classroom, particularly targeting academic...

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Using ChatGPT for interactive English language content creation

This Transformative Teachers webinar was an exciting online how-to workshop for English language professionals looking...

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Building Linguistic Bridges in the ELT Classroom

This webinar looked at specific strategies to support young learners of English who come from poor and vulnerable...

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Building sustainability into ELT – are we doing enough?

The negative environmental impact of the global ELT community and the opportunities we have in climate change...

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Aligning Assessment Techniques for Learner Journeys

This webinar explored how best to align our assessment of a learner’s English with their learning journey in our...

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Integrating AI into Language Teaching and Learning

This webinar explored how teachers and students can make the best use of AI tools to enhance student outcomes – and...

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Digital Storytelling: enhancing motivation, autonomy and engagement

Digital storytelling takes the ancient and traditional part of oral storytelling and involves a set of digital and...

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Using songs to build awareness of global citizenship issues

This session explored how songs focusing on global citizenship issues (including social, political, environmental &...

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Active Reading with Authentic Materials

This session looked at using a variety of authentic materials in the ESOL classroom and how they can be used to...

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Fun Phonology for Young Minds

This webinar was designed to support teachers working with young learners. The presenter explored techniques,...

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Immersive Language Learning with Virtual Reality

In this webinar, we explored immersive language learning through the use of virtual reality (VR) technology.


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What can neuroscience offer to educators?

In this Transformative Teachers webinar, the presenter offered insightful ideas to help teachers boost students’ focus...

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Developing Critical Thinking in the ELT Classroom

This webinar explored how classroom resources and activities can be adapted and extended to foster critical thinking...

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Guiding Gifted Children to Maximise their Potential in the ELT Classroom

This webinar was designed to help teachers work more effectively with gifted learners in the ELT classroom. The...

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